Sạc du lịch Mazer InfiniteTravel 165PD | GaN PD65W World Travel Charger


Sạc cho dân di chuyển hiệu Mazer InfiniteTravel165PD | World GaN Travel Charger with 2 USB-C + 1 USB-A PD65W output.
Properly the 1st world GaN Travel Charger in the world!

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InfiniteTravel WORLD GaN Charger with PD65WWith compatibility in over 150 countries, including the America, Australia, Europe, UK, and Asia, Mazer helps you stay charged and connected, no matter which part of the world you’re at.Equipped with USB-C Power Delivery 65W and Quick Charge 4+, Mazer PD65W can provide more power to charge larger devices–such as laptops–and charges compatible devices up to 2X faster.


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